about SPMU

 Semi-Permanent Make-up has been around for a long time but the latest digital machines and needles enable us to create precision strokes and fine detail which looks much more natural and appealing than before. 

 The process works by the use of a fine digital needle which implants pigment(ink) into the dermis(mid-layer of skin) for long-term cosmetic purposes. (The top layer is called the epidermis, which sheds cells and renews itself quite quickly so to implant here would result in a short-term and unsatisfactory outcome).

The term “semi-permanent” is sometimes also used for long-wear topically applied makeup and can be misleading and shouldn't be confused with the cosmetic tattoo industry.

 The procedure begins with a 'patch test' a couple of days beforehand to determine any allergies to the pigments. This is a simple test which involves a pin prick behind the ear and some pigment applied to the area.  

 This test is a matter of choice as there is rarely, (if ever) a reaction to these pigments.  If however, you have a history of allergies then it might be worthwhile to do the test.

On the day of the procedure, the appointment will last approximately 2 hours.  This involves numbing the area to be treated (which is left on for 20 minutes), then the design and shape of your brows, lips or eyes (or all 3)! are measured and designed according to your specific preferences.  The colour choices are then discussed.  The actual tattooing procedure is actually the shortest part of the appointment time. 

At the end of the appointment when we have agreed that you are happy with the final result, some healing cream will then be applied. 

You will also be given some cream to take home with you to apply over the next few days during the healing process.

After the healing period (about 4 weeks) a repeat appointment is required as some pigment will have been lost as a result of the scabbing process.  This appointment is to touch-up any gaps or to enhance the final colour result.

This follow-up appointment is also included in the initial price (excludes offer prices).

All consultations and patch tests are free of charge.